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  • Indonesian Development Trust Fund

    Indonesian Development Trust Fund

    Hendra Wahanu Prabandani, Editor in Chief JDIH Bappenas, presented his paper on Indonesian Development Trust Fund during the meeting with Mari Suzuki, Executive Secretary of Asian Community 21 Trust Japan (24/8).

    Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21) is a non-profit and non-partisan Japanese NGO which aims to help empower those people suffering from poverty in the Asia region. Currently, ACC21 is conducting a study on the feasibility of cooperation between Japanese companies and NGO’s using the trust system in Indonesia. Biro Hukum Bappenas is selected as one of the expert for the study because of their expertise in the establishment of development trust funds in Indonesia.

    Hendra W. Prabandani’s paper Indonesian Development Trust Funds: Key Features and the Recent Development was previously published by International Law and Practice Section of North Carolina Bar Association USA in 2015. This paper brought the Executive Secretary of ACC21 came to Jakarta in order to discuss the possibility to create a charitable Trust in Indonesia (luthfi/JDIH).